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Cody Willard Q&A: Trading OVTI, Netflix, Corning and more

Here’s the transcript of today’s chat on TradingWithCody.com.  See you next week back at TradingWithCody.com/chat where I’ll answer anything you ask me.  And be sure to check out my brand new book, Ten Tech Stocks for the Next Ten Years, at 10Stocksfor10Years.com for $10. Economy/markets/trading/strategy Q: As we are approaching the top of the current trading range […]

Housekeeping: Out of WYNN Puts

With WYNN down another $12 or 10% this morning, I sold the rest of the puts.  In this case, I sold the Jan $140s.  Barely shy of a double.  I remain cautious on the market and think WYNN can go still lower, especially if the market does.  But this market has been reversing in both […]

Speculation Away From Subprime, Compendium

The following was written August 3rd, 2007.  It highlights the many areas where speculation was going awry at the time, before the dam of bad lending burst. -==-=–==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Subprime lending is grabbing a lot of attention, but it is only a tiny portion of what goes on in our capital markets.  Tonight I want to […]

Traders on TV are idiots

Get Cody’s brand new book, Ten Tech Stocks for the Next Ten Years, at 10Stocksfor10Years.com for $10. I’ve gotten this link sent to me by about five people, mostly non-traders, non-professional money managers and with more than 1 million views on YouTube, it’s clearly gotten some traction among the masses. Lots of people seem to […]

Sigh Of Relief In Germany

When the markets are volatile in the opening hour, sometimes my early post is a little late due to trading coming first.  This morning I wanted to add to some hedges as I was nervous about the early gains holding.    The vote for the expansion of the EFSF was approved in Germany, which was […]

Ten best tech stocks for the next ten years and other must-reads for today

Here’s what I was thinking about this morning when I wasn’t speaking to the Ruidoso Middle School gifted class about how the reason there is no grass on their playground is because the Republican/Democrat Regime spent $12 trillion bailing out Wall Street and now has to cut trillions everywhere they can to pay for it. […]

Positive Period For SPX Ahead But…..

From my magic database which covers many indexes for long periods of time here are some statistics worth chewing over. We are entering a positive period for the S&P 500 (SPX) which extends through next Thursday’s close. However, the same cannot be said for the Russell 2000 (RUT) and NASDAQ (NDX) all of which are […]

The New Amazon Kindle

Amazon just unveiled their new Kindle tablets.  Will these new devises help the company capture market additional market ?  Yes, absolutely.  Their pricing severely undercuts Apple’s iPad.  One has to conclude that AMZN’s margins could be adversely impacted, at least initially.  In addition, despite the fact that the AMZN offering is not as feature rich […]

Betting Against Wynn Resorts as China Hedge

Today I am buying January $160 and $140 puts on Wynn Resorts (WYNN).  I am putting on this trade as a hedge against weak economic data coming out of China.  Weak by Chinese standards at least.  The Chinese market is already down a lot.  I think that reflects growing risk of a sharper than expected slowdown in […]

Early Look: Stocks Look Tired After Three-day Rally

The market was nicely higher in early trading, but has already given back those early gains and is now slightly in negative territory. Yesterday the SPX rallied back up to the 1195 level before losing momentum and closing at 1175. This mornings burst of buying came on the heels of continued hope that plans in […]

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