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Weekly Sector Update – DOG has come out to play

Expanded FELIX 05-30-12

Surprisingly, iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology (IBB) still has some life in her yet. IBB’s strength has increased 8 points from last week and has been joined by DOG (ProShare Short DOW30). The fund managers attempt to replicate the unleveraged inverse of the DJIA.  Unlike ETFs that purchase individual stocks, DOG relies upon derivatives.   DOG‘s top holding consist […]

May Employment Report Preview

We rely too much on the monthly employment outlook report.  It is a natural mistake.  We all want to know whether the economy is improving and, if so, by how much. Employment is the key metric since it is fundamental for consumption, corporate profits, tax revenues, deficit reduction, and financial markets. Since the subject is […]

Cody Q&A: Short Facebook and buy Zynga?

Here’s a sampling of questions from this week’s chat on TradingWithCody.com, a service not affiliated with Marketwatch. Hi guys, let’s rock n roll. Q. I was contemplating a short in FB but was told that FB is not marginable for 30 days after the IPO and thus not eligible for short sale. 1) Would you […]

Gary Smith’s Market Take


Here’s my take on the markets today, May 31, 2012. If you’d like to read more of my articles, click here. Credit gauges are deteriorating again today. The Libor-OIS Spread is rising +.66% to 30.7 bps. The 3M EUR/USD Cross-Currency Basis Swap is falling -1.5% to 51.6 bps. The TED Spread is gaining +1.3% to […]

Disappointing Economic Data Weighs On Stocks

The market is lower in early trading on many of the same concerns as well as a fresh dose of economic data that came in below expectations. The ADP Employment report showed private payrolls increased by 133,000 during May, but that was below forecasts for 157,000.  The ADP report hasn’t been the best indicator of […]

My Gut Feeling for Today, May 31, 2012 ($)


We are set to close the books on the worst month for stocks since September 2011, the worst month for crude oil in three years and the worst month for gold since last December. In the meantime, the 10-year US Treasury Bond yield hit its lowest level since the Eisenhower Years. Coming into today, The […]

R Bonds R Bad 4 U

I wrote the following on January 14th, 2010: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=–==-=–=-=-=-= I have long been a fan of immediate annuities, particularly those that are inflation indexed, as retirement products for seniors.  Yet, they do not get bought by retirees.  Why?  Well, insurance products are sold, not bought, typically, and when the agent sells an immediate annuity, that […]

Most chartists just don’t have a clue


Good morning and welcome back to the hit parade, where many of the DJs are paid to put the songs they play on rotation. All right, I’m back from marrying off my brother in Austin this weekend to a lovely bride. I used to tell my TV show viewers all the time that the only […]

New Lows For Bond Yields Doesn’t Inspire Confidence


The markets are down sharply in early trading after yesterday’s low volume bounce.  There are no specific news items per se, but the general concerns out of Europe that were absent from yesterday’s trading are back on the front burner today. Yields on sovereign debt are on the rise as concerns about the financial conditions […]

Fat Fed Profits Do Not Create a Healthy Economy

I wrote the following on January 13th, 2010: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==–=-==-=-=-=-=-==–=-==- 1) Inflate the size of my balance sheet by 2.5x over last year, all through borrowing at really low rates. 2) Increase my interest spreads by ~50% over last year. means: 3) I only increased my profits by ~50% over last year??!    I would have […]

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