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Google’s past is Facebook’s future

Cross-posted from TradingWithCody.com, a service not affiliated with MarketWatch. Let’s talk Facebook again this morning and I’ve got some great historical perspective for you from another once much-maligned Internet IPO — Google. I bought Google GOOG +1.43% the day it came public and I held it for the next four years until I closed my […]

China Stimulus Rumors Boost Markets

The market got a couple of boosts this morning that have helped push stocks higher for a second day ahead of quarter end.  Overnight, Asian markets rallied on hopes that China would provide more stimulus measures to its economy.  Not sure if there’s any validity to the rumors, but our markets were poised to open […]

My Gut Feeling for Today, June 27, 2012 ($)


We wake up to slightly higher futures but not of the magnitude that will really matter once the markets open. So, I will call it a flat looking open. We also wake up to several important bits of news. Stockton, California is expected to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. This will be the nation’s largest […]

An Important, Closer Look at Recent Surveys

There has been a spate of pretty negative reports on business and consumer confidence.  Some people are very skeptical of surveys.  As a Michigan man who spent many hours at the Survey Research Center, I have respect for surveys that include strong design and execution.  Most of the complaints you hear come, as usual, from […]

Where is the market now? + Video

Good Afternoon Traders, I wanted to take this opportunity to do some analysis on the market to see where we are now relative to where we where last summer. Here’s what this video covers that supports your success: S&P 500 NASDAQ AAPL stock. It’s important when looking at the markets to get the “big picture”. […]

What will crash the markets next?

Cross-posted from TradingWithCody.com, a service not affiliated with MarketWatch. This week’s markets sure started U-G-L-Y. Tech especially. Let’s get some perspective about where these markets have been in order to get a better idea of the relative place of markets past. The markets took a big hit at the open yesterday and just flatlined thereafter. […]

Watching Rising Peripheral Yields

The market is only slightly higher in early trading following yesterday’s big selloff.  Investors are awaiting the EU summit later this week and the big question is can the leaders come up with something that will assuage markets.  Today, Spanish bond yields are topping 6.8% and Italian bond yields are on the rise as well. […]

My Gut Feeling for Today, June 26, 2012 ($)


It all comes down to Angela Merkel versus the world. I would not say that Merkel is a winner as much as the world is a loser in this battle. Of course, all of her bravado is just words ahead of the two-day Euro Summit (or Euro XX for the 20th financial crisis summit) to […]

Monday Morning Musings

Mr. Market is not in a good mood this morning as concerns swirl that this week’s EU summit will not produce any tangible solutions.  Asian markets were lower across the board overnight, and Europe is under pressure again this morning. Spain made a formal request for 100 billion euros to recapitalize its banks.  And peripheral […]

Facebook is still a buy and more market updates

Good morning and thank you all for understanding my need to take some time off last week to deal with the ramifications, both logistical and emotional, from the fire.  I had a Doctorate of Forest Rehabilitation (who knew that was a title!) walk through my torched property (I learned from him that “scorched” means the […]

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