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Sex, lies and inflation

We want to get some idea as to how realistic that chart is to our readership, so please click here to take our Poll – Does the government accurately report inflation? and help us get a sizeable sample and I’ll report the results back in a column next week. First Solar is back and tradable […]

Gary Smith’s Market Take

Here’s my take on the markets today, April 30th, 2013. If you’d like to read more of my articles, click here. Credit gauges are mixed today. The European Financial Sector CDS Index is falling -3.8% to 147.19 bps. The Spain sovereign cds is down -2.6% to 240.17 bps. The Italian/German 10Y Yield Spread is falling […]

Ultraprofits in Ultracapacitors

For those who haven’t connected the dots, my “not coffee, but good from the last drop” trade is Maxwell Technologies (MXWL is ticker). They just reported blowout numbers, we think. See the company is in process of restatement and can only do “limited financials” till complete restatement is done. The company makes ultra capacitors, used […]

Stocks Poised For More New Highs

The market pulled back in early trading this morning but the dip proved brief as the indexes have already started to climb back into positive territory.  The major indexes are poised for more new highs, and the S&P 500 approaches the 1600 level. Normally you would expect investor enthusiasm to be reaching very high levels […]

My Gut Feeling for Today, April 30, 2013


The markets in what was an uncharacteristic Monday rose early and held those gains for the day. When the bell range, the S&P 500 (SPX) closed at an all-time high. Three-twenty-nine. I am not referring to a time of day. I am not referring to a date. I am not referring to an address. Nor […]

The Apple stock split, the IBM short and how gold gets to $5,000

I’m sticking with a big long position in Facebook heading into their earnings this week. I got several great questions about trading, investing and the economy and markets from Marketwatch The Cody Word and TradingWithCody.com readers and last week I ended up on the road so, here’s the answers to your questions a couple days […]

Monday Morning Musings

The markets are shooting higher out of the gate this morning with the S&P 500 getting nearer to new highs again.  This morning the SPX topped the 1590 level, but it needs to hit 1598 for a new high.  That doesn’t look like it will be today’s business but we wouldn’t be surprised to see […]

My Gut Feeling for Today, April 29, 2013

Italy has a government. How I sweated out the last few weeks worrying about whether one would be put together is really amazing. I hear that the over /under market is now being made by the Las Vegas sports books as to how long that government will last. All kidding aside, the certainty of a […]

WSAS University April 22 – 26, 2013


Jacob April 25, 2013 – 11:39 am Gold rallying still Jacob April 25, 2013 – 11:43 am We are going to find out anytime if NFLX is a winner or bust. Holding steady – I am still impressed regardless with its performance – something I missed scott April 25, 2013 – 11:55 am @Jacob: NFLX […]

Platinum Chat April 22 -28, 2013 ($$)

Here’s all the insights on the market from some of the best money managers on the planet posted last week in Platinum Chat. robert April 24, 2013 – 9:28 am I purchased more of my Chinese semi co the past couple days. at this price, net cash is 50% of the mkt cap, and the […]

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