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Dumb questions and the Syria trade

As the markets gyrate and volatility spikes with the Syria war talk, every investor and trader needs to be asking the hard questions. Or are they “dumb questions”? Does this chart from the latest Revolution Investing and the free money for corrupt Wall Street banks trump the warmongering with Syria? It’s like the asset- bubble […]

Weekly Sector Update – GDX ($)


Well, it finally happened, GDX is out of the penalty box! Van Eck’s Gold Miners Trust ETF, GDX is at the top of the list and highest rated. The ratings are not as high as they were last week. Last week’s astonishing rating of 303 diminished to a (still high) 167.  [We are long GDX […]

Stocks Bounce On Positive GDP Revision

Stocks are higher again in early trading, despite continued tensions in Syria.  Today investors got a positive piece of economic data in the form of a positive revision to Q2 GDP figures.  Initial estimates were for growth of 1.7% but the revised figure shows growth of 2.5%.  Not bad. Asian markets were mostly higher overnight.  […]

Oil Prices Rise With Syrian Tensions

Our markets are slightly higher in early trading, bouncing from yesterday’s sharp selloff.  Tensions in Syria continue to heat up as does speculation about the type of response we will see from the US. Asian markets were lower overnight.  Oil prices spiked as high as $112 overnight, and are trading near $110 currently.  India’s currency […]

My Gut Feeling for Today, August 28, 2013

There is nothing like a low volume panic to get the B-teamers on the field all lathered up into frenzy. Their calls to the A-Team bosses were likely met with gratitude for the conscience nature of the call and then strict orders not to sell but to scale into buys. This is clearly a trading […]

Distinguishing Risk from Fear

Understanding risk is the most important part of investing. Distinguishing risk from fear is a crucial to this knowledge. In my regular commentary I emphasize the difference in time frames between traders and investors. The trader is making a short-term forecast, booking gains and losses on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. The trader is […]

Syria: Market volatility and a new U.S. warfront

Reports of a new U.S. warfront in Syria after reports of chemical weapons use is driving a market panic. As always we have no choice but to address what this means to our stocks and options and portfolios. First to be sure, my heart and prayers go out to everybody on every side of the […]

My Gut Feeling for Today, August 27, 2013

On Friday, it took the announcement of Steven Ballmer’s “retirement” as CEO of Microsoft (MSFT)  to get that lackluster stock moving higher. It would be an understatement to say that his tenure at the helm of Microsoft was a failure. Of course, he is laughing all the way to the bank with an estimated fortune […]

Facebook = win. Puts on financials, however …

Using call options in gold miners, Google and especially in Facebook are among my most profitable trades this year. I’ve had losers too of course, like my put options in JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. Despite having been called an idiot (and worse) just about every time I detail a trade or investment here on […]

Monday Morning Musings

Markets are higher again in early trading for a  third straight day.  Volume continues to run very light, and will probably remain light on this last week August before the Labor Day weekend. The one big piece of economic data was the durable goods report for July, which fell more than expected by -7.3%.  But […]

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