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Debt Ceiling Debate Set To Heat Up

Remember how annoying it was last year when we had all of the back and forth squabbling about the debt ceiling debate?  It also contributed to the US having their debt rating questioned, as it shows dysfunction in the govt. But we should probably get ready for another round of it.  Treasury Sec. Lew said […]

My Gut Feeling for Today, September 25, 2013

It looked like the S&P 500 (SPX) would break its 3-day decline until the last hour of business. Most people will blame it on more debt ceiling jitters. However, I have another theory. It seems like we got hit with a good old fashioned sell program. The late slide from green to red had all […]

Can Stocks Halt Their 3-day Slide?

The markets started out lower this morning but have since rallied back into positive territory.  Stocks have been on the decline for the last 3 sessions after making new highs last week.  This year we have seen stocks bounce after short declines, so 3 days might be about all we get on the downside before […]

My Gut Feeling for Today, September 24, 2013


I came back yesterday from a very enjoyable and productive trip to Florida, specifically, the Treasure Coast. I will put together my thoughts on that in some future commentary. The S&P 500 (SPX) has backed off for three straight sessions primarily on the back of Debt Ceiling negotiation worries. The latest twist is that the […]

Introducing Scutify.com

We’re pleased to announce that WallStreetAllStars.com has acquired Scutify.com and the Scutify App. Scutify’s platform includes a real-time Twitter/Chat like feature called “Scuttles”. Each of you simply needs to set up your account at Scutify and follow the Wall Street All-Stars on there to continue chatting.  For the next week or so, you can still […]

Blackberry at $100 a share

BlackBerry’s stock got halted after the company just announced it’s entered into an agreement to be bought out at $9 a share. That’s probably going to drive speculation that there could be some activist shareholders and/or another consortium that would look to take it out and that makes $9 a bottom level here. (And by […]

Get out before the bubble pops

There will be more than a billion smartphones and tablets sold in 2013.  It’s an app world and we’ve entered an App Revolution Stock Bubble, as I long ago said it would become (see How to invest in the coming app bubble Sept. 29, 2010 for example). If you’ve got an iPhone or an iPad be sure […]

Monday Morning Musings

Markets are trading lower in early trade, following weakness on Friday’s session.  There isn’t a whole lot of market moving news, although the banking sector is leading the downside after the Financial Times reported that Citi suffered a large decline last quarter in trading revenue. Apple shares are nicely higher after the company reaffirmed that […]

Indicator Update: Will Washington Gridlock Scuttle Stocks?

The weeks of uncertainty continue, as we ask whether political gridlock threatens the economy and the markets. Last week I predicted a week of focus on the Fed, including more clarity on the change in leadership and a new direction for policy. It was a pretty easy call (for a change) and those stories dominated […]

Trading through Wall Street’s anti-Apple backlash

I’ve tested and used as a primary phone several versions of Android and every version of iPhone over the last five years since what I was probably the first to call the “Smartphone Revolution” and then the “App Revolution.” I’ve spent thousands of dollars on apps and games to help me stay on top of […]

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