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Strategic Stock Trades For 12/31/2013

Well, this will be the last nightly email for 2013.  It has been a fantastic year, not only for the Bulls, but me as well.  I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year.  It has been my pleasure to get to know you folks, in a manner of speaking.  I hope […]

Monday Morning Musings

Markets are mixed this morning but mostly just subdued on lower volume.  The stock market has had a fabulous year in 2013, better than almost anyone predicted, and it is likely most participants are sitting on their hands for the next couple of days until the calendar turns to 2014.  As such, volume levels are […]

Indicator Update: How to Evaulate the 2014 Forecasts

Sometimes the calendar of news and events makes it easy to predict what will grab our attention in the week ahead. In the last few weeks leading up to the Fed tapering announcement, I highlighted the following: Upside risk for investors on the sidelines; The mistake in preoccupation with bubbles; The key question of holiday […]

Strategic Stock Trades For 12/30/2013

Well, we have 2 more trading days left in 2013.  It has been quite the year for the Bull.  You were either on the correct side of the market or you were not in 2013.  I suspect that we could see a continued climb in the indexes for 2 more days.  I must continue to […]

Can Stocks Make It Seven In A Row?

Stocks are basically up six days in a row (one day was flat), which is a pretty long streak.  Stocks moved lower in early trading as I’m sure some profit taking set in.  But many investors are likely hesitant to take too many profits this year with few losses to offset them.  That could make […]

Weekly Sector Update – IYW ($)


Hopefully, everyone has recovered and has had a fabulous holiday! Best wishes to everyone during this entire holiday season! IYW is iShares U.S. Tech ETF. It is the highest rated sector that is not in Felix’s penalty box. Last week’s GDX is rated number three this week. The model shows an interesting conflict. It is higher as far […]

Closing the Restaurants for the Year 2013

(The following is the most recent issue of The LakeView Restaurant & Food Chain Report, which is included in a Platinum Subscription to Wall Street All-Stars) To say the very least, 2013 was an excellent year for the restaurant sector, the LakeView Restaurant & Food Chain Report and the related managed portfolios at LakeView Asset […]

Monday Morning Musings

The stock market is pushing higher again in early trading, adding to last week’s breakout into new high territory.  The Santa Claus rally is usually the period after Christmas into the first few days of the New Year, but it looks like it came early this year.  Par for the course for 2013. There isn’t […]

Indicator Update: Review of 2013 Trends — Hot or Not?

This is a special edition of my Indicator Update.  With holidays and market closings in the middle of the next two weeks, we can expect a time of relative quiet.  It is a good time to review the lessons from 2013.  I’ll have a regular WTWA next week and (soon) my regular preview of the […]

Strategic Stock Trades For 12/23/2013

A very big week last week, Post Fed with the $$$ ripping, along with interest rates.  As I have said before, strong $$$ with rising rates = Growth Accelerating.    I expect the market to continue its rise this week, although volume will be extremely light.  The Bond Bubble should continue to burst as outflows […]

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