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Weekly Sector Update – IBB ($)


IBB is iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF. It is ranked number two as GDX is still hogging the top spot. The model’s results are as of yesterday. As of today, IBB is a holding in our Felix model. Investor Take IBB reflects the inverse of a P/E ratio of 41.86 and a yield of .03%. That is one of the […]

Best stocks for legalized marijuana and more

You want to invest in the legalized marijuana revolution? You think Blackberry can avoid its fate of doom as I’ve said for years now? Read on with this week’s must-read headlines along with my patented Revolution Investing commentary for each. Deeper thoughts on bitcoins and marijuana stocks — You will likely lose all your money playing penny stocks, especially playing […]

Still Looking For More New Highs

While the bears continue to point to a number of factors that will cause an imminent decline in the markets, the price action of the major indexes paints a different picture.  Most indexes continue to hover in new high territory.  The one lagging index as been the Dow, but it too looks poised to climb […]

Deeper thoughts on bitcoins and marijuana stocks

It’s a bubble-blowing bull market but there sure is getting to be a strong sentiment leaning to the bullish side of things again. Extreme sentiment readings can be a good indicator of the near-term next market move — when the bulls are cocky and bears are MIA, it’s often a toppish indicator. So I ask […]

The Slow Upward Grind

Markets continue to trade in benign fashion with an upward bias and little traction on the downside.  All of the major indexes except for the DJIA are at new highs for the year. In economic news this morning, January new home sales rose to 468,000, which was better than expected.  Not sure if this data […]

Indicator Update: What about the weakness in housing?

Housing data have clearly hit a soft patch. How much of the deceleration is important? How much can be attributed to weather? Most importantly: Does weakness in housing threaten the economic recovery? What does it mean for stocks? [note to readers. I always try for weekend publication, but sometimes I cannot work then. The links […]

Bitcoin isn’t just for momentum junkies

We need to be careful in distinguishing momentum-junkie gamblers who are speculating in bitcoin, from investors and savers who have used it to store a small amount of capital, from merchants who are willing to accept bitcoins as payments. Bitcoin speculators/gamblers are similar to the folks who have been trying to ride the current #PotPennyStock […]

What’s up with WhatsApp, gold and Tesla?

Remember that one of our main objectives and rules is to take what the markets gives us and let it dictate how and what we buy and sell. Long-time readers have seen me buy panics/dips and trim on euphoria/rips much more aggressively than I have of late, but that was partly because I had more confidence in the lower […]

Weekly Sector Update – 02/19/14


ICF is iShares Cohen & Steers REIT ETF. It has remained out of the penalty box for several weeks and has a pretty decent strength. There is an overall positive result from Felix. The horizon is still foggy, but there might be some sunshine in there. Investor Take ICF has a high P/E ratio of 45.83 and a yield […]

The Expensive Fixation on Profit Margins

The insightful investor understands mean reversion. It is a mystery concept for most – fancy talk. I will attempt a commonsense explanation with some relevant examples. In conclusion, I will show why this is important. The Technical Definition Wolfram MathWorld is a great source on issues like this: Reversion to the mean, also called regression […]

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