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Welcome to Wall Street All-Stars. We are the leading financial innovations company in the world. Visit Scutify.com. or download one of the Scutify apps. Scutify iOS App Scutify Android App Scutify Android Tablet App Scutify Sentiment iOS App Scutify Sentiment Android App Scutify Chrome App Scutify Firefox App Scutify Google Glass App         […]

A high-risk, high-reward trade on hard-hit Russian stock

Ego. Pride. Confidence. These are important traits for anybody, frankly. But they are also your enemy when it comes to trading, investing and analyzing stocks, markets, economies and anything else. I bring this up because I got a great scuttle from a Scutify.com member asking about Yandex and if it’s a contrarian buying opportunity right […]

One billionaire’s gold strategy and sage advice

I’ve got a treat, full of insights and real-world strategies from a very different kind of investor than the retirees I wrote about earlier this week. The write up comes directly from an email I got from an an avid reader of TradingWithCody. The writer is an old friend of mine whose net worth, after having […]

A revolutionary investment portfolio for retirees

Even though I left the money management business as a formal profession long ago to become a TV anchor, I still helped my parents and other friends try to manage their money. That didn’t stop when I quit the business back in 2007. I even used to talk my mom through the process and give […]

The truth about gold in the long run

Last month when gold became a hot money favorite, I started turning near-term bearish. My theory is also based on the idea that the banks and the Fed likely want gold prices here or lower — they certainly don’t want gold prices heading higher anytime soon. That doesn’t mean that I’m selling any of my own […]

Hot money, Net neutrality and pot stock valuations

There’s no doubt that a lot of hot money continues to slosh around these markets, even as the momentum trade has faded in the last few weeks. Stocks like Netflix continue to get pounded on no news, though I suppose the headlines about how Apple’s trying to bribe Comcast to treat Apple’s TV services as […]

Time to invest in the death of Net neutrality

The markets are acting weak and there’s even some fear finally starting to creep back in as the bulls find the latest all-time highs being rejected like a bad layup in the Sweet 16. Momentum stocks in particular are being hardest hit, continuing the trend from last week. The biotech index is in a veritable […]

The truth about solar, gold and marijuana

Marketwatch readers are some of the most vocal and inquisitive bunch of investors and traders around. Here are the highlights from my emails with readers of The Cody Word from this week. By the way, the Scutify iPad app is now available and it rocks. Q. Question on how you are using index puts like on […]

Best dividend stocks for Revolution Investors

In yesterday’s Revolution Investing newsletter, I analyzed why and outlined just how hard it is to find any safe haven that pays what used to be a paltry return of just 5% these days. I finished by asking my subscribers, “I’d love to hear from any of you if you’ve found what you think is a safe […]

Old school retailers are doomed

 A hungry wolf is stronger than a satisfied dog. He who licks knives will soon cut his tongue. Black souls wear white shirts — Ukrainian Proverbs The markets apparently are blowing off the Crimea referendum to join Russia and the escalating war of words between the leaders of the U.S. and Russia. It’s been so […]

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