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Jeanette Schwarz Young, CFP, CMT, MS – Author of the Option Queen Letter, a weekly news letter issued and published every Sunday and the OPTIONS DOCTOR, published by John Wiley & Son in 2007, is the Director of the CMT program for the Market Technicians Association and is the current President of American Association of Professional Technical Analysts and a member of the Board of Directors of the International Federation of Technical Analysts. Jeanette has been a Wall Street professional since 1981 where she began her professional career with Thomson McKinnon Securities. Her career includes portfolio management, syndication, option strategist, hedger, operations principle, bond principal, pit trader and general market trader. Jeanette worked for the NYBOT (New York Board of Trade) where she produced, wrote and aired, two market reports daily covering the financials, currencies, and the softs (Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice, Sugar, Cocoa, Coffee and Cotton). She placed third in the globe in the National Investment Challenge Pro Option’s Division in the mid-nineties. She has been a frequent guest on FOX, CNBC, Bloomberg, Yorba TV, CNN and others. She is a member of ICE, COMEX, CHX holdings and NYSE-LIFFE. She is also a member of the Adelphi University Presidents Counsel.

The Option Queen Letter By The Option Royals May 7, 2012


The weakness seen in the Friday markets was attributed to the lousy “Jobs” report, which was only partially correct.  The “Jobs” report gave us our adjusted reality fix which, the market was not prepared for but some of the nervousness was caused by the French elections.  Sarkozy vs. Hollande live and in color…..Hollande for spending […]

THE OPTION QUEEN LETTER for April 29, 2012

Dan Clifton and Jason Trennert said;“… roughly one-third of the entire tax code expiring at the end of the year, the spending sequester beginning on January 2, a debt ceiling increase needed in the six weeks after the election and before the end of the year.” No big deal right……WRONG!  The 15% maximum tax on […]

The Option Queen Letter by The Option Royals – April 23, 2012


The 25th to the 27th of April will mark the days when the S&P 500 makes a violent move to either the upside or the downside.  Why do we say that?  It is the day when the downtrend line meets the uptrend line and if we continue to trade within those lines, we will see […]

The Option Queen Letter by The Option Royals


When US taxes were originally conceived of they were consumer taxes on products like carriages, sugar, tobacco etc. and not people.  Unfortunately with the advent of the 1812 war, costs screamed higher and ushered in the first sales tax on gold, silver and jewelry.  By 1817 these taxes were replaced by taxes on imported goods […]

The Option Queen Letter by The Option Royals


Happy Passover and Happy Easter. We would jokingly say Dive Dive Dive, which is what the markets did on Friday after the Jobs data was released.  The number is so buggy that we clearly do not understand why the markets make such a huge deal over its release.  We have adjustments in the number and […]

The Option Queen Letter by The Option Royals


There is a bull running in the pen outside the stock exchange while the bears are still in hibernation.  Spring not only brings flower showers but also bears out of their dens.  They emerge with big appetites thus the bulls just might get a little competition in the markets as the bears re-emerge this spring.  […]

The Option Queen Letter by The Option Royals


The vultures are out sniffing around the wreck of the MF Global accounts offering to buy them for pennies on the dollar.  We received three offers so far this week, all offering to pay real money for the account which was held at MF Global.  Something tells us that if they are sniffing then some […]

The Option Queen Letter by The Option Royals


Mediocrity is the one word to describe corporate America.  Why do we put up with that behavior; what happened to corporate pride and pride of product?  Did it die when we hired the CPAs and MBAs of the world to pop in at the top and run the corporations?  Is this the result of not […]

The Option Queen Letter by The Option Royals


The “jobs report” rally was a rally that took the market 6.25 points higher but failed to remove the loss of the week.  We closed the Friday session of March 2, 2012 at 1368.75 and this week our close was 1366.75, not much difference.  The important take away from this is that given the very […]

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