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Strategic Stock Trades For 1/2/2014

Happy New Year:  Can the DIA make it 10 in a row?  I believe so, at least to start the new trading year.  As I said in the last email I sent out, the red day Monday did nothing to change the Overbought condition we have.  In many ways, it only made it worse.  I […]

Strategic Stock Trades For 12/31/2013

Well, this will be the last nightly email for 2013.  It has been a fantastic year, not only for the Bulls, but me as well.  I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year.  It has been my pleasure to get to know you folks, in a manner of speaking.  I hope […]

Strategic Stock Trades For 12/30/2013

Well, we have 2 more trading days left in 2013.  It has been quite the year for the Bull.  You were either on the correct side of the market or you were not in 2013.  I suspect that we could see a continued climb in the indexes for 2 more days.  I must continue to […]

Strategic Stock Trades For 12/23/2013

A very big week last week, Post Fed with the $$$ ripping, along with interest rates.  As I have said before, strong $$$ with rising rates = Growth Accelerating.    I expect the market to continue its rise this week, although volume will be extremely light.  The Bond Bubble should continue to burst as outflows […]

Strategic Stock Trades For 12/20/2013

I apologize for the delay in this evenings email.  As I said in the chat room today, this was a perfect consolidation day after the near 300 point rise yesterday.  I have turned Bullish again on the market for the time being.  As my process directs me, I am able to change quickly in my […]

Strategic Stock Trades For 12/19/2013

Well, the FED has spoken and we get a small Taper.  This was a most unexpected development by most market watchers, including myself.  Unlike most market pundits, I can change my mind as quickly as I need to.  This taper has me going back to Growth Accelerating posture.  As I was leaning Bearish, I now […]

Strategic Stock Trades For 12/18/2013

To Taper or not to Taper?  That is the question.  From my standpoint, I could care less, but it does make for good conversation.  The markets are pricing in a No Taper in my opinion based on the $$$ and the 10 year bond.  Under that scenario, I believe stocks are set for a move […]

Strategic Stock Trades For 12/17/2013

Well, has the Christmas rally started?  I would assume so.  As mentioned in last nights email, all the index indicators were near Oversold territory on the Daily, with the DJIA and the S&P in Oversold territory.  We had a gap up open and never got much of an opportunity to have a pullback.  The S&P […]

Strategic Stock Trades For 12/16/2013

Do we get the Christmas rally this week?  It is a good possibility in my opinion.  We closed out this past week with all indexes near Oversold territory on the Daily time frame.  Also, we have the FED meeting this week and I am of the opinion that they do not have the backbone to […]

Strategic Stock Trades For 12/13/2013

Well, it has been quite a week so far in the markets.  We finally are getting the indexes into Oversold territory.  The DJIA and the RUT are already there and the S&P is 1 day behind.  It will be there on a red open tomorrow.  NAZ is 2 days away.  The point is, I expect […]

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