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Sold Apple Calls, Bought Index Put Spreads, Buffett Buys LMCA

After thinking about it when the stock was approaching $500 and passing, this morning I sold March $530 calls against about 20% of my Apple.  Just a few days ago I was looking at $525s for $8.  Today I sold $530s for almost $13 so delay helped me by$9.  Not sure abut the quick reversal […]

Virgin Media Back on Track

Virgin Media (VMED) had a tougher than expected 2011 as the crisis in Europe included the UK economy. In addition, competition picked up as all of the company’s cable, satellite, and telecom competitors responded aggressively to the macro weakness. This environment led VMED to increase capital spending amid discounting form some competitors while its own […]

Looking for Positive Ratings at Arbitron

I added a starter position in Arbitron (ARB) at current prices.  Improved radio advertising and lift from implementing new radio ratings measurement technology is currently aiding operating growth.  The last several quarters the stock has spiked up following earnings only to give back the gains.  I think a similar spike up could occur as my […]

Apple Blowout Good For Apple and Mobile Broadband Theme

Apple continues to amaze.  Relative to expectations this is one of the best quarters I ever remember by any company.  Damn, I am pretty certain I wrote that about Apple previously!  In calendar 2011, Apple earned $35 a share.  Guidance for the March quarter is up 32% and is probably conservative.  The company could earn […]

Apple Missed Last Quarter. Google Missed This Quarter.

Apple (AAPL) was at $420 before reporting its earnings miss in October 2011.  The shares fell 5% that day and hit a low in November, about five weeks later, down 15%.  Google (GOOG) was trading at $640 before its earnings miss last week.  The stock fell 8% on the miss and has dropped further the […]

Google in the Penalty Box. For Now.

Two minute minor, five minute major, ten minute misconduct, or game misconduct? I’m thinking ten minute misconduct.  The quarter is not nearly as bad as the stock would suggest.  Revenues were light but operating income, EBITDA, and free cash flow were in line with expectations.  Operating margins, a big issue over the past year, were […]

Locking in Profit on LYV and AMCX

Today I sold half of AMC Networks (AMCX).  Several months ago I wrote a positive column on AMCX but unfortunately I can’t find the link.  The stock is up strongly today with a lot cable network stocks.  When it was trading in the low $30s, I thought it could reach $40-42.  It is there so […]

New Year, New Trades, New Strategies

The year in my hedge fund began with several trades to alter the hedging strategy.  In 2011, correlations among individual stocks were at all-time highs.  This led me to rely primarily on index exchange traded funds for hedging the long portfolio.  Recent persistent strength in U.S. economic data and modest progress toward solving the European […]

Yahoo Cash Rich Spin Offers Lots of Upside

Can you trust Yahoo’s Board to do the right thing?  I don’t know but assuming Yahoo (YHOO) approves a deal similar in structure to the rumored cash-rich spin of its Asian assets, I believe the shares have substantial upside, north of $20 at least, maybe upper $20s or even $30. That is enough upside along […]

Merry Christmas, Yahoo Longs!

New York Times Dealbook is reporting Yahoo’s Board is set to vote on a cash rich spin of its Asian assets.  This has always been the ideal scenario in my book.  In fact, I’ve often wondered to myself why John Malone was not trying to steal Yahoo and then do a cash rich spin as […]

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