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About Tim Sykes

Timothy Sykes had a slightly different college experience: skipping classes in favor of trading penny stocks every day, he turned $12,415 in Bar Mitzvah gift money into $2 million and started a hedge fund during his senior year. His hedge fund went on to become the #1 ranked short bias fund by Barclay for 3 years and he was named to Trader Monthly’s ‘Top 30 Under 30′ in 2006. He’s been featured by every major business and financial media outlet. His Thinkorswim trading account has surged to $211,420, a gain of more than 1,500%, already providing you with a rough blueprint of how to turn $12k into $100k in 2 years and making me the #1 ranked trader out of 50,000+ traders on Covestor, a website which verifies trades and performance…and nearly 1/5 of the top traders are subscribers of his 4 newsletters and PennyStocking DVD students!

The Best Stock For Lazy People

Yesterday I posted about one of my trading challenge students who made 10x his account size in just one day…and his secret was to always be ready to trade…even while at the DMV. Unfortunately most people, especially Americans, are lazy and they don’t want to be prepared…they ask for auto-trading (sorry, it doesn’t work well […]

The Best Stocks To Buy For 2012 (NOT)

Here are some trading ideas for 2012: Some people like buying stocks, like this penny stock trader and he’s had great success profiting sometimes $25,000 within just a few hours… But contrary to widespread belief, as I posted the evidence the other day that the stock market is a scam, finding the best stocks in […]

How To Make $30,000+ In A Few Days (While Having A Heart Attack)


So I went down to Miami for far too brief of a stay for some meetings, to chat with one of my best trading challenge students who has made nearly $300,000 on my strategy the past few months as you can see here and to film this video. My trading challenge student didn’t show up, […]

Key Penny Stock Lessons From My Latest Marketwatch Feature Article

Ever since I basically predicted the 20%+ stock market crash of August 2011 a few days ahead of time in this ridiculously perfectly timed Marketwatch article, I get asked back often. Here’s some snippets from my latest Marketwatch article with some hugely important penny stock basic lessons that’s worth a read in its entirety: 1. […]

The Trading Lifestyle In Miami Beach

Because I’m an actual trader who has profited nearly $3 million in the stock market the past few years and my students have now made roughly $4 million since I began my newsletters in 2008 (yup, they’re doing better than me in much shorter time…see their profits HERE and HERE and HERE) and I only […]

Profitly vs. Facebook Sales Growth Comparison: 2 Graphics That Show The Internet’s Business Potential

How pretty is this: It’s Facebook’s revenue and profit growth over the past 5 years….truly astounding. But that is the internet and while Profitly is JUST beginning to grow, check out our booming past 5 months of sales: …as we’re bringing on verified-to-have-solid-perofrmance gurus like no other and sales are growing faaaaaaast (thanks in large […]

Convicted Penny Stock Manipulator Jonathan Lebed Just Sold 25,000 Shares Of His Pump & Dump $BVSN For A $700,000 Profit

trading challenge students and PennyStocking Silver subscribers know I’ve profited roughly $10,000 betting against convicted penny stock manipulator Jonathan Lebed of the NIA’s pump and dump on BVSN and subscribers of my 4 newsletters have made over $160,000 in profits as you can see here…and the pump isn’t even over yet…not even close As I […]

Innovation In Trading & Penny Stock Scam Busting: A 72-Minute Podcast You Should Listen To

I did this podcast on Endacast a while ago but as trading challenge students know, it’s been a VERY busy few months….the good news is the topics are still valid: In this episode of Endacast, Sal talks to Logan about his trip to “Surf Expo,” where he interviewed pro-surfers, met with non-profits, and dropped help […]

How To Make The Most Money On Facebook’s IPO Today

Facebook’s IPO filing the other day has created tens of thousands of articles from everyone analyzing how the company is doing and who stands to make the most $ from the IPO….that’s nice, but as is typical with financial journalism, they don’t say how you can make money on Facebook right now. I will, as […]

The Best Penny Stock & Penny Stock Broker

This is my favorite stock now, I invested roughly $100,000: Click here to learn about this stock And my newest broker: Click here to read all the details of my new favorite broker Your Teacher, Timothy Sykes

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