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Bruce Kasting

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I’ve been writing for the professional press for the last five years and have been on the Fox Business channel several times as a guest describing my written work. In January 2009, I started writing my blog Bruce Krasting ( From 1990-1995 I ran a private hedge fund in Greenwich Ct. called Falconer Limited. Investments were driven by macro developments. We expressed our views in global bonds, currencies, stocks, commodities and derivatives. I closed the fund and retired in 1995. I’ve also been employed by Drexel Burnham Lambert, Citicorp, Credit Suisse and Irving Trust Corp. I hold a bachelor’s degree in economics from Ithaca College and currently live in Westchester, NY.


Bruce’s latest columns:

  • 2:18pm Tuesday, May 15, 2012: A Surprising Conversation With Athens - Wall Street All-Stars» Bruce Krasting
    If you read me on a regular basis you know that I speak with a fellow in Athens who is connected to the shipping industry and the government. I provide links below to some of those articles to establish this person’s credibility. He’s been pretty much right on things that have happened in his hometown. […]
  • 8:26am Wednesday, April 18, 2012: A Different Buffett Rule – One That Would Work - Wall Street All-Stars» Bruce Krasting
    This was a dumb piece of legislation. The joke was that it would have only raised $5b a year. That’s chump change. It never had a chance of passing. It was a show pony for the November election. Shame on Obama for making a circus out of what is (was) a necessary debate. If I […]
  • 11:29am Monday, April 16, 2012: Yellen Vs. Geithner – Two Views - Wall Street All-Stars» Bruce Krasting
    Janet Yellen, Bernanke’s soul mate (and mouthpiece) spoke last week. She argued that the Federal Reserve’s Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) should be maintained for another three years. Tim Geither, Obama’s side kick, had a completely different take on the economy on the Sunday talk shows. And all this time I though it was only […]
  • 10:10am Friday, April 13, 2012: Three Conversations - Wall Street All-Stars» Bruce Krasting
    I’ve had some interesting conversations in the past few days with folks whose opinions I consider important. I’m passing them on:  I   I spoke with my Greek shipper friend from Athens about the upcoming May 6 election. This is an event that should be feared by the markets according to this person. There are […]
  • 11:35am Wednesday, April 11, 2012: Houston – We have a problem, in Switzerland - Wall Street All-Stars» Bruce Krasting
    The ‘risk off’ trade is commanding the markets. A subtle, but interesting example is the EURCHF. For four days the EURCHF has held to 1/8th percent away from the official 1.2000 peg. It sits at 1.2016 as I write. Wherever you look, from China to Japan, to the USA, and the EU, trouble is brewing. […]

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