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Monday Morning Musings

Stocks are mostly lower out of the gate this morning.  Not any real catalysts.  One theory for the selling in tech stocks is big funds making room for the Alibaba IPO.  Not sure how much water that holds, but smaller growth stocks are taking it on the chin a bit so far.  But we still […]

Monday Morning Musings

Markets are mixed this Monday morning as tech stocks get a boost while most other sectors trade in the red so far. Financials are also bucking the weakness a bit after Bank of America was upgraded to Buy at Goldman Sachs and is helping buoy the group. There wasn’t any big M&A news of the […]

Weekly Sector Update – ITB ($)


ITB is iShares U.S. Home Construction ETF. ITB has been on the top of the Felix list for the last couple of weeks. This week marks the first that it is out of the penalty box. It is highly rated and a current holding. Investor Take ITB has a P/E ratio of 18.74 and a yield of only 0.27% […]

Monday Morning Musings

Kind of a slow summer Monday morning.  There wasn’t any big M&A news to report from the weekend, and there isn’t much in the way of corporate news in general.  The biggest thing going on are all of these ice bucket challenges for ALS.  But nice to see them raising money for a good cause.  […]

Indicator Update: Will Central Bankers Unwind at Jackson Hole?

I could not resist the whimsical title. It is time for the annual Fed Symposium at Jackson Hole. This event, sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, has historically been the scene for various important hints about policy changes. It is also an occasion for informal, face-to-face meetings among central bankers and economists […]

Weekly Sector Update – IYK ($)


IYK is iShares U.S. Consumer Goods ETF. IYK is a well diversified ETF. Anything that you want to buy, IYK has it. If you want a car, IYK has Ford. If you want to run,  IYK has NKE (Nike). If you want to sit back and have a Coke (KO) and a cigarette (PM), you guessed it, IYK has it. The […]

Monday Morning Musings

Markets are in rally mode in early trading, following Friday’s nice gains and more geopolitical news of another ceasefire in Gaza as well as a request for a cease fire from Pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine. In earnings news, Priceline (NASDAQ:PCLN) beat estimates but offered mixed guidance. Nonetheless the stock is trading higher currently and looks […]

Indicator Update: Current Crises and Market Effects

In the past week there has been a dramatic change for the worse in everything we have been tracking in our “Ugly” section. Risks that are generally described with the euphemism of “geopolitical” have become expanded military actions – Ukraine, Gaza, and Iraq. With no sign of an early resolution, the crises deserve additional thought. […]

Playing for a Rebound in the Grains Complex

JJG Chart 080814

Grain prices have collapsed since peaking in May. The recent economic sanctions by the USA against Russia and in return, Russia against the western world have put fears of grain dumping by the EU on the world markets. This fear has further put pressure on the entire grains complex. For example, since May, the front […]

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