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Revolution Investing Links: Alternative energy is doomed, Google meets Facebook and more

Here’s what I was reading and thinking about this morning when I wasn’t listening to my 30-month old niece talk about what she’s going to do today.  She stays busy, I’ll tell you that much. First Solar’s Chart is Very Oversold but… – Brian Gilmartin with a blunt assessment of First Solar’s chart and earnings report. […]

Draghi Starts New Post At ECB With Rate Cut

The market is higher in early trading after a surprise rate cut by the ECB.  In Mario Draghi’s first ECB meeting after taking over from Trichet, the ECB trimmed rates 25 basis points to 1.25%.  This has helped boost European markets, and even boost the euro a bit which is odd when you’re cutting interest […]

Starbucks reports after the bell tonight

Starbucks is scheduled to report their fiscal q4 earnings after the market closes tonight, with consensus analyst expectations looking for $0.36 in eps, on $2.948 bl in revenues for expected year-over-growth of -3% in eps on 4% revenue growth. If consensus is met for fiscal 2011, ended 9/30, SBUX will have grown revenues 8.5% and […]

How to trade the new Greek crisis

Cross-posted with my independent site, TradingWithCody.com – be sure to check out the new layout and features on the site. But, wait. They said Greece’s problems and therefore the entirety of the EU was fine. Less than a handful of trading days ago, here were the headlines, straight from last Tuesday’s “Must-reads” column right here […]

My Gut Feeling for Today, Nov 1, 2011

We went from one of the worst months in history (September 2011) to one of the best (October 2011). The S&P 500 (SPX) gain of 10.77% in October was the best month since December 1999 gain of 11.16%. It was the 8th best month for that index ever since January 1950 (that is a period […]

Food for thought

The folks at the USDA released their projections for 2011/2012-food price inflation. The bad news is that feeding ourselves will cost ~4% more in 2011. The good news is that USDA thinks prices will rise only ~2.5% next year. I shop (I hate it). My food inflation is closer to 10%. It depends on what […]

Eliminate Leveraged ETFs

Have a look at this article.  He makes the case as to why leveraged ETFs should not be held over the long term, as I have argued before. There is a problem with this.  Imagine for a moment that all users of leveraged ETFs extinguish their positions daily.  There would be no shares to be […]

Problems with Tax Reform

I wrote the following on April 12th, 2008: -==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-================-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- As I sit here, my taxes are done, all except for one K-1 that is very late, to put it mildly.  My taxes are complex, but my rule is that I do my own taxes.  If I can’t figure out the code, then I am probably […]

The Professor’s Classroom for October 28, 2011

Here is the Finance Professor’s Classroom for October 27th, 2011: Oct 28 2 011, 6:33 AM Scott Rothbort: Chad. The great equalizer and arbiter for the stock market is earnings. Your impression of the political and economic situation is very much a subjective view, in many cases influenced by the media. However, earnings are objective. […]

Wall Street All Stars

I have been contributing material to the website Wall Street All Stars.  Mostly I have contributed two things: They scrape my RSS feed. I post some of my best articles from the past, with commentary that brings it up to date. You can find my contributions here. I can give all my blog readers and […]

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