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Weekly Sector Update – GDX ($)


Well, it finally happened, GDX is out of the penalty box! Van Eck’s Gold Miners Trust ETF, GDX is at the top of the list and highest rated. The ratings are not as high as they were last week. Last week’s astonishing rating of 303 diminished to a (still high) 167.  [We are long GDX […]

My Gut Feeling for Today, July 10, 2013


The rally continued to five days. Of greater importance is the fact that we have rallied about 6% from the low of the Taper correction. Do you remember just three weeks ago when the world was coming to an end? Once again? The doomsters and gloomsters were basking in their glory. The media dusted off […]

My Gut Feeling for Today, May 22, 2013


The equity market’s gradual ascent continues. The JP Morgan (JPM) annual meeting resulted in maintaining Jamie Dimon in the positions of CEO and President. Apple’s (AAPL) Tim Cook got grilled by US Senators but all that we heard was what we already knew – if the US reduced its rates then Apple would repatriate cash. […]

My Gut Feeling for Today, December 17, 2012 ($)


The tragic events of Friday in Newtown, CT captured the headlines and airwaves throughout the world this weekend. All for good reason as the act was sickening and horrific. These were young children that were slaughtered. As Americans we came together regardless of our political persuasion or religious beliefs to and pray, express our condolences […]

My Gut Feeling For Today, Feb 27, 2012


We are heading into the homestretch for the month of February, which unless we experience a major financial or exogenous event will wind up as another positive month for stock investors. However, there is mounting concern that the price of crude oil is going to put a dent into the market rally. Despite softness in […]

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