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Indicator Update: Will Washington Gridlock Scuttle Stocks?

The weeks of uncertainty continue, as we ask whether political gridlock threatens the economy and the markets. Last week I predicted a week of focus on the Fed, including more clarity on the change in leadership and a new direction for policy. It was a pretty easy call (for a change) and those stories dominated […]

Trading through Wall Street’s anti-Apple backlash

I’ve tested and used as a primary phone several versions of Android and every version of iPhone over the last five years since what I was probably the first to call the “Smartphone Revolution” and then the “App Revolution.” I’ve spent thousands of dollars on apps and games to help me stay on top of […]

Fear and greed on Wall Street: Who’s scared now?

Fear and greed are a big part of one of the first lessons I learned on Wall Street, which was that the markets tend to make a fool out of the most number of participants as often as it can. The market is not always a nice guy. That is, when sentiment among traders and […]

Indicator Update: Will Bernanke Change Course?

Last week I predicted a market focus on Syria, expecting President Obama’s Tuesday evening speech to be the focal point. My concept was correct, but events moved even more swiftly. The market celebrated as the chance of military action diminished. This week’s theme is easy to predict: It is all about the Fed. Will Bernanke […]

Weekly Sector Update – IEO ($)


Over 93% of our ETFs are in the penalty box, therefore we have to dig down deep to find our top rated ETF. IEO is the iShares U.S. Oil & Gas Exploration & Production ETF. Oil has been a hot topic over the last couple of weeks. Some experts want to get out and some […]

Gary Smith’s Market Take

Here’s my take on the markets today, September 13th, 2013. If you’d like to read more of my articles, click here. Credit gauges are mostly deteriorating today. The FRA-OIS Spread is down -2.5% to 19.5 bps. The North America Investment Grade CDS Index is down -1.1% to 77.01 bps. The Germany sovereign cds is down […]

Gold, Putin, Facebook and Obamacare are all connected

I’m going to use a round up of links about what are seemingly unconnected, but are actually very intertwined, events to help us further the gestalt we aimed for in last week’s headline round up. Claims Per Ounce of Deliverable Gold at the COMEX Rise to New High of 57.6 — It’s not as if […]

Economic Bloggers See Modest Growth, Modest Risk

We welcome the return of the Survey of Leading Economic Bloggers. Tim Kane spearheaded the survey during his Kauffman Foundation tenure. Tim has moved to the Hudson Institute, where he has busily been writing books [with important policy implications according to this NYT review – the OldProf has this on the reading list, but is […]

Sell signal: Crumbling American preeminence

I don’t often look to sell based on geopolitical reasons, but I’m doing exactly that today as I continue to reduce my net long exposure to the markets in the face of Obama’s pleas to send the U.S. into a new war in Syria. It’s not time to run for the hills from the stock […]

Indicator Update: What does the Syrian Crisis Mean for Stocks?

Last week I predicted that we would see volatility without clarity. The market concerns include Syria, changes in Fed policy, the nomination for Fed Chair, and the debt ceiling, roughly in that order. We got the employment report, the last big piece of economic data before the FOMC meeting, and plenty of speeches and pundit […]

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