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A top tech stock for 2012


You’ve undoubtedly seen one of Apple’s commercials for its voice recognition and voice response software, Siri. My favorite one is the Santa “How does the rest of my day look?” question being answered with”You have 3.7 billion appointments today” commercial running right now for Christmas. The leading voice recognition software company in the world, Nuance […]

My Gut Feeling for Today, Dec 21, 2011


Welcome to Winter! The Winter Solstice will officially arrive at 5:30 PM today. Yesterday Hanukkah Harry delivered a nice present to the markets as a combination of German business confidence and strong housing data in the USA helped to spark a deeply oversold rally. It looks like Hanukkah Harry saved Santa Claus once again. On […]

Oracle reports tonight after the bell

Analyst concensus is looking for $0.57 in eps and $9.23 bl in revenues for expected y/y growth of 12% and 7% respectively when ORCL reports its fiscal q2 ’12 tonight. Current full year consensus for the enterprise database software giant is $2.41 on $38.6 bl for full year eps growth of 9% on 8% revenue […]

My Gut Feeling for Today, Dec 20, 2011


Nes gadol haya sham – a great miracle happened there. I am not talking about Europe. We need a miracle there but don’t hold your breath. I am not talking about Washington DC. There are no Maccabees there to come to our rescue. Nun, gimmel, hey and shin are the four Hebrew letters on the […]

My Gut Feeling for Today, Dec 19, 2011


It was another 12 hours of topsy-turvy futures markets. We opened flat in the early evening in and then began to slip as news of Kim Jong-Il’s death spread panic from the Far East to the rest of the world. The South Korean market was off over 3% and Taiwanese markets were not far behind. […]

S&P 500 earnings update – the song remains the same

With all due respect to Led Zeppelin and their famous album, this week the forward 4-quarter eps estimate for the S&P 500 fell to $103.80, continuing its slow, but still muted erosion lower, as the benchmark’s p/e ratio rose to 11.7(x), with 2012′s expected growth rate for earnings still hovering around 10%. The forward 4-quarter […]

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