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Shoutbox FAQ:

Q. Can I see who is online?

A. Yes! There is a button showing how many people are online. By clicking it, you can also see who is online.

Q. Where can I find older shouts?

A. To get shouts’ history go to ‘Options’ on the shoutbox. You will find shouts archive divided by All/ Users/Admin – just pick the one you are interested in.

Q. How to use avatars on your shoutbox?

A. Avatars are taken from gravatar.com. So to use avatars on your shoutbox, you have to register there first (it’s very simple). Avatar is assigned to your e-mail address. Only registered users can use avatars. If you already have gravatar account, specify your e-mail when signing in at shoutbox. If you haven’t specify your e-mail when creating shoutbox, go to ‘Options’ on the shoutbox, ‘Gravatar image’ section and put your mail there, confirm clicking OK.

Shoutbox creator – you can use avatars on your shoutbox and there are two options for that – you can display avatars only if someone has a valid avatar image or you can display avatars always, showing default image for those, who don’t have valid images and for guests. By default, the first option is chosen. You can change that by going to your shoutbox dashboard on yourshoutbox.com -> ‘Size and settings’.

Q. How to turn on sounds on shoutbox?

A. Each user can turn on sounds on their shoutbox by going to ‘Options’ on the shoutbox -> 2) Play sound on new shout? -> Yes -> ‘Save changes’ button -> ‘Reload’ button.

Q. How to change default tab?

A. Each user can change default tab on their shoutbox by going to ‘Options’ on the shoutbox -> 1 ) Select a default tab -> select All/Users/Admin -> ‘Save changes’ button -> ‘Reload’ button.

Q. Can I delete shouts?

A. Each user can delete his shout up to one hour after posting or until he refreshes the site with shoutbox.

Moderators and admins can delete shouts of guests, users and other moderators. There is a caption under each shout ‘quick delete’ to do that.

Privileged users can additionally delete shouts by clicking on shoutbox Options -> ‘Delete shouts’ button. There is an option to delete multiple shouts at once.


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