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Giovanni Dosi: Combining Schumpeter and Keynes to Boost Innovation

Many people would not think of putting Joseph Schumpeter and John Maynard Keynes in the same economic framework, but Giovanni Dosi believes the insights of both are needed to fully understand how to boost innovation in an economy. Dosi, director of the Laboratory of Economics and Management (ELM) in Italy, makes the case in this INET Interview that Schumpeterian innovation must be combined with Keynesian demand management to sustain economic growth over time.


  1. necaro says:

    Prof. Dosi gives one very inspiring advice to the next generation of economists!!! Very interesting. Basically almost everything has to change in Economics!!!

  2. heckler73 says:

    What paper did Dosi present? This one:
    The Role of Technical Change, Finance and Public Policies in an Evolutionary Model of Endogenous Growth and Fluctuations. (2011)?

    It would be helpful, in future, if references were included in these vids.
    Other than that, Dosi brings up some interesting points for consideration.

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