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Frederick Cookinham, author of THE AGE OF RAND – IMAGINING AN OBJECTIVIST FUTURE WORLD, talks with Joseph Dobrian of the Manhattan Libertarian Party ( www.ManhattanLP.org ) about Ayn Rand, her life, her loves, her philosophy, her work, her influence. See the complete Hardfire interview at http Buy the complete Hardfire interview on DVD at www.CreateSpace.com
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  1. cassapalooza says:

    hahahahahahha hahah

    I think im a nympho O.o – check out my profile and msg me on M.S.N M.S.Ngr! gx

  2. garypopkin says:

    I didn’t know that that was the case. If so, I am glad that Hardfire once again can stand for free speech, and live up to its ideals. Buy a copy of the interview DVD and support Hardfire programming.

  3. jnycnuk says:

    why are most of the ayn rand videos not allowing comments. hmm… that smacks of censorship. would ayn approve? i think not.

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