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Not buying Apple yet

I did not purchase apple yet. After reviewing chart, I set a new, lower bottom fishing price target which is $350ish. I expect a disastrous quarter, a massacre if you will, of the stock on its 4th consecutive earnings miss.

When the sell side capitulates with a final estimate crap out, and the stock is described as a value trap, I would be more inclined to purchase. If I miss it at $395, so be it, I am already overweighted in technology.

I also did some serious work on gold stocks. I did not find one I liked. I thought I would have but here’s the problem. Many have costs approaching $1100-1200 per oz all in. And there is not unit growth. And they produce little free cash flow. So even with ostensible low p/e ratios and decent yields and leverage the metal. I am gonna pass.

If I thought gold was right back to $1800 I would buy. But I am not certain gold bear market over.

Intel my favorite long idea now.
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