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Obama Wins song (TI – Live Your Life SPOOF)

www.twitter.com Obama Wins! [CHORUS] Obama wins the white house now… Them haters yeah– they need to sit down!!! The Presidency… no bush understand… ‘Cause every knows that you are the Man—nnnn! So get a life…McCain! — I won this here election! Just get a life…Palin! — I won this here election! Please get a life…O’Reily! — I won this here election! Go get a life… Jesse! — I won this here election! [BO:] I just beat McCain on Tuesday and I’m not about rest Bush is about to bounce like my cousin Rudy’s checks In case you didnt know my father used to herd goats My sweet little granny even gave your man a vote McCain wanted to maintain 100 year war I just wanna keep gas prices .94… I’m the first half black president my friend David dukes losing his mind… so is Hilary Clinton! [CHORUS] [BO:] Had to smoose with O Scarlett Jo got kinda weird yo But thats politics bro Do I like Joe? No! A plumber write a book? What a joke Will I paint the white house black??? Mmmm, I dont know…. Don’t have to kiss another baby Palins a crazy lady Delayed the World Series Game…. forgive me Philly… Just had to make ‘em all understand that I’m a blessing… I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message! [CHORUS]
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. awel69 says:

    @Polishboy2010 shirt tht says tht

  2. NoName1325 says:

    @packertrinity his*

  3. moonshinerman says:

    yeah vote him in again you ignorant assholes. He targets the youth and college idiots who cant wipe their own asses. They think he is good because they are naive, smart mouth, stupid ass morons. Ok we tried out the tar baby for pres and he fucked up, get his half black ass out and back to the Chicago ghetto he came from

  4. blurrryvission420 says:

    This shit is gayy!

  5. OutlawYank says:

    I’ll be so glad when the Chosen One is out in 2012. He’s been a complete trainwreck and things are only getting worse. Unemployment’s increased to record high, over 4 trillion dollars added to our nationa debt and America downgraded. He can keep the “change”.

  6. j1o2n3a4s5k6 says:

    im from german and i can say that everyone in Germany likes obama

  7. TheDalante says:

    dont say that about obmama u losssseeerrrr

  8. Dunn78Dunn says:

    @kirtygirl2103 thx you!! :D

  9. malatia7575 says:

    FUCK CHINA, HOPE US BOMBS THEM ONE DAY, you are the evil of this world, stealing people’s jobs, implanting your company everywhere, you people are selfish, cruel unilateral traders, you keep on downing all US and European products and servieces so that only your products and services survive on the market, so that’s what you always did, downing others you faggots, pussy cowards. Also you have no human rights at all, killing and torturing your own people, still eating dogs. Stinking assholes, DIE

  10. DancingInsight says:

    @andreja107 Seems that you SKIPPED spelling class kid…lol

  11. andreja107 says:

    @packertrinity you sciped english class

  12. TheBeachVlog says:

    @packertrinity yeah but obama still hasn’t done anything to help us and he won’t because he’ll be done sooooon

  13. RickyMcGinnis says:

    @ify1001 Yup

  14. ify1001 says:

    @RickyMcGinnis they both work for the same agenda

  15. RickyMcGinnis says:

    @packertrinity Bush sucked, but do does Obama. They are both war loving corporatist scum.

  16. kirtygirl2103 says:

    Okay why do soooo many people got sooooo many things to say about him ? First of all , this is just a comedy video , NOT a video to start a big debate ! Second of all , ya’ll are acting like Bush did any better than Obama is doing . At least Obama is trying . Now I understand that Bush tried but no one has anything to say about him . So why can’t we all just leave it alone ?

  17. DatMasta96 says:

    I just wanna keep gas prices $3.75…
    I’m the first Muslim president my friend…fuck that dumb nigger obama lol

  18. MegaKieran123456789 says:

    i like the way this is uploaded the same date as in england a 9/11 programe is on

  19. Sereena2 says:

    @Polishboy2010 compared to having a republican in the house? I’m soo happy. :)

  20. nahsirah says:

    should have used some of the obama soundbites from the end of this, more gangsta

  21. crazymonkey004 says:

    @AnOffenderForTheWord You are one of those ungrateful, ball-less, mother fucking, racist Americans who are blinded by a massive dick in there mouth! I mean he just helped with the finding and death of Osama bin laden and still you show no gratefulness!! I bet you will live your life hating American presidents and even the good ones!
    (P.S. I bet you will come back here like a 4 yr fag who has no life and use phrases “fuck you” ,”go fuck your mother” and “you have no life” )

  22. watup2154 says:

    All the people who died or their Loved ONes or Family Died of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

    should start suing Patrol Companies and Gasoline Car Companies

  23. justicepartyuk says:

    It will be greed for oil, the black gold which will end the world.click Justice party UK

  24. JustinBieber2707 says:

    @packertrinity i agree wit u girl

  25. AnOffenderForTheWord says:

    This video is extremely fucking stupid! Thumbs Down 14.7 trillion times. Oh I hear your hero BO is a faggot fucker it was recently released on a BBC News and a New York Times report you should hit him up for some of that black jiz ass to wipe all over your cock. Just a thought, you seemed to be such an Obama butt licker lover.

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