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Peter Schiff silenced on CNN International 11/24/2008

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  1. LexVantor says:

    He was SHUT DOWN ON PURPOSE by the idiots behind all this… This guy is simply trying to open our IGNORANT eyes, but the financial machine, the devil, has no interest on that. Todaay, in 2011, you Know know the result. What’s incredible is that everything he said was RIGHT. If we, humans, were more intelligent, we would listen to him, and others like him, and PREVNT the worst that is STIKLL to come. He is BRIGHT. WE’re not…

  2. swissmaid says:

    Funny, those interruptions. They are happening all too often to Peter Schiff. Why? Government does not like him telling the truth! Hahaha Obummer does not like his predictions of failure, haha Schiff is right though, the government should have let City bank die!

  3. thethesethe says:

    fuck that bitch

  4. MONOPOLY35 says:

    Do you think that Witch got a raise for cutting him off?

  5. tayronachan says:

    I hear you Peter S. I didn’t the first time, but I do now. Loud and clear.

  6. schassse says:

    @hpw59 this is satellite connection between his office and cnn. in the background you can see the europac background.

  7. schassse says:

    dont forget that peter was in his office. so it was satellite link communication. i dont think cnn cut him.

  8. bvssvni says:

    The 3 Musketeers of Economics:
    1. Mind. The human brain needs time and energy to adapt. Plan.
    2. Meat. Eat meat every second day instead of every day.
    3. Your money is not safe in the bank. Put them somewhere safer, like in your pocket.
    All for one – one for all!

  9. SMWhit3out says:


  10. nazirdjon says:


  11. 1XMarksSpot says:

    @hpw59 Last I heard, it was over $50 an hour, which includes health benefits. If it’s really closer to $70-75 an hour, GM needs to let those dead-beats go.

  12. hpw59 says:

    @1XMarksSpot I’m agreeing with what you are saying……but aren’t their wages/benefits closer to 70-75 an hour?

  13. hpw59 says:

    “Technical problems……..” MY ASS, MORE LIKE CENSORSHIP, YES I’M SCREAMING………CAN YOU HEAR ME!!!!!!

  14. sartum1 says:

    “Yes we can Peter!” x)

  15. 1XMarksSpot says:

    @Slugg329 Over $50 an hour, which includes health benefits. Barely making a living wage? No. The GM worker got too greedy for doing a job that they half-assed because they had union protection. Does the GM worker really expect the company to be survive when it can barely maintain profitability. No. The GM workers did it to themselves with their accommodating union.

  16. 1XMarksSpot says:

    @rduncan999 LOL The Japanese produced and still produce better cars than GM does in terms of such things like fuel usage and style. It’s not my fault that GM couldn’t compete with others in the industry. Why would I ever buy a product that is of inferior quality that costs the same, if not more, than its competitors who produce a high quality product that costs the same, if not by much more? Why would I buy a product from a company that couldn’t even handle its financial affairs? Idiot.

  17. rduncan999 says:

    @1XMarksSpot i live in detroit and im fealing the crunch of thoes auto workers not working. just keep buying your jap cars selling green bull crap when you need to repair them at 10x the cost for parts. but rember when there is no money left in america it was because u sent it over sea’s

  18. bobshenix says:

    i love peter schiff he tells it how it is

  19. GoldenArroWill says:

    Was the cutoff accidental, or did they do it on purpose because he was destroying her ass?

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