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Rural Economic Tour: Highlights of President Obama in Minnesota

Hop on board with President Obama as he travels across Minnesota on day one of his Rural Economic Bus Tour. Learn more about the President’s tour at wh.gov

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  1. paulstrong123 says:

    President Barack Obama is now the undisputed “Worst President in U.S. History.” He can place this award on his mantle next to the Noble Peace Prize. :-(
    As President, it is clear that Barack Obama is dangerously in over his head for he has no executive experience, no business experience, and no real world experience. As a Chicago community organizer, he has been thrust into the most important position in the world without the necessary skills to handle this crisis. SOMEONE ELSE 2012! :-)

  2. fatferocracker says:

    Theres no such thing as the fear of fear, it doesn’t exist, as fear ‘corrupted’, generates to hate, which is racism. Power of words’ effect on the spirit. If you say fear of fear it makes you racist, if you say theres no such thing as the fear of fear, it doesn’t exist it makes you not racist. Weve fallen in other ways because of the power of words’ effect on the spirit.

  3. paulstrong123 says:

    Obama will be Toast in the 2012 Elections!

    Not because Bush,Republican’s,Scooby do, japan or any other bull shit he can try and dream up.

    Because, He is in over his head! He is a freaking Clueless community organizer from the streets of Chicago. :-(

    I understand you Lib’s thought this man was GOD, I am sorry that your bubble was busted. He’s just a robot that stops talking as soon as you kick the TelePrompTer over! :-(

  4. bond519 says:

    It is amazing. Every place that Obama went smelled like shit. I wonder why. Maybe he is such a shitty president?

  5. hannibail says:

    i thing chuk norris vs vandamme is a good match

  6. stevespell2 says:

    The Nunchaku Dad strikes all over twitter! Nunchaku Tweets brought to you

    courtesy of the Nunchaku Dad!

    Rick unable to Perry “Swift” Nunchuck attack. See how nunchaku politics is

    shaking up the Republican Governorships! Its a youtube, facebook and twitter

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  7. PattersonAndWhipson says:

    IM For The Board of Enfranchisement of The U.S.A. which will have a program
    that will enfranchise more people U.S wide state to state ,with a 1.5 Trillion Dollar Federal funding being that we have Gold reserves. The Stock of Gold will be up and Gold will be $2500 a Troy ounce, This program will create 2 Million Jobs supporters are welcome toghter we stand

  8. Depotman122 says:

    @cobrompton Does not matter, spending more money we do not have. Hey how much extra did it cost for Misses Obama to leave Marthas Vinyard 4 hours earlier than her husband? Another plane for 4 hours ? This administration thinks we should tighten our belt but they think they are Royalty?

  9. gregjalbert says:

    “…you will see, oil will bring us ruin,” said Juan Pérez Alfonso back in 1976. “Oil,” said this Venezuelan co-founder of OPEC, “is the excrement of the devil.” — Stop poisoning the planet and catastrophically disrupting the climate and environment with fossil fuels. ClimateProgress . org — CarFree . com — EcoCityBuilders . org — FreePublicTransit . org — BicycleCity . com — Weapons profiteers are criminals.

  10. cobrompton says:

    @Depotman122 I think that was the Secret Services decision. They’ve been wanting these busses for a while. It actually costs more to rent busses and then outfit them rather than just buy them.

  11. nike6357 says:

    damn mad dislikes

  12. jakndax3 says:

    Ron Paul For 2012!!!!

  13. wyldhunt says:

    @hopeurforfreedom One year in to the future? Yes, Infrastructure, health, and education will not help in one year. It does require investment and time. The New Deal included a lot of things, including Social Security, Unemployment Benefits, Minimum Wages… To say that the New Deal wasn’t worth it is a stretch. People would be much worse without all of those things. Yes, they cost money to get them started. Long term repairs take time. Not 1 year. More like 10.

  14. SokemRokemRobot says:

    @commando2224 “least he didnt think it was elvises birthday”

    No… but, Obama does think it’s the year 2008…
    content . usatoday . com/communities/theoval/post/2011/05/obamas-guest-book-gaffe-and-toast-trouble/1

    and he visited 57 states [ watch?v=EpGH02DtIws ] with 1 left to go… Hawaii and Alaska… so, Hawaii and Alaska must be 1 state!!

  15. Depotman122 says:

    Nice that he thought it was a good idea to spend 2 million plus dollars on tour busses built in Canada . Please vote this moron out

  16. jme6141994 says:

    I’ d pay a $1000 dollars to see Obama debate Ron Paul.

  17. TylerThrashPeace says:

    @davidnco1 You guys are all dumb, Alex Jones brainwashed losers. if you hate Obama so much, then get out of here. You dont see everyone that thinks Alex Jones is crazy spending hours on his video’s criticizing everything he says and does. Just leave if you dont like him.

  18. ObamaSnippetsDotCom says:

    “Obama Hates Congress!”
    Here’s what the President would probably like to say.
    CLICK ObamaSnippetsDotCom

  19. hopeurforfreedom says:

    @wyldhunt You might want to look at his record a little more closely. Roosevelt made the Great Depression worse. Check out his great achievements when he raised taxes in 1936 to pay for his New Deal. You’ll shudder at 1937.

  20. hopeurforfreedom says:

    He’s a con-man. He hasn’t a clue what to do. btw, taking a his and hers jet to Martha’s Vineyard is real cost-cutting. How long before michelle says “let them eat cake”?

  21. darkstonecastle says:

    Obama, you’re a jerk.

  22. catalinaguerrero says:

    NWO puppet

  23. eastariel says:

    When commerce is conducted backwards — putting profit first and people last — it turns One Nation under God into One Nation upside down, with the American eagle’s head stuck in the mud and both wings broken.

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