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Russian President on Hunt for American Investors

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is in Calif. for the first time. He met with Gov. Schwarzenegger Tuesday. Medvedev is hoping to lure talent and money from the high-tech capital, to help bolster Russia’s own Silicon Valley outside Moscow. (June 23)
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  1. Usulgurt says:

    I’ll BE MEDVED

  2. treid100182 says:

    At Least Russia has balls.

  3. jxsilicon9 says:


    I want to buy some illegal aliens.

  4. lordcrobar says:

    “I’ll BE BACK!”

  5. videouzleg says:

    Ask $100-200 billion and share some 3-5 year old techs, a fair deal.

  6. sharinganclan213 says:

    tell medvedev taht we have a large supply of cheap labor.

  7. GaiasBatweasel says:

    Tell Dmitry to keep hunting, he’ll be only waste his money than profit from anything we offer.

  8. MistaChubbz1 says:

    And why does this matter???

  9. BertGriffin88 says:

    Rnull meets comrade Dmitry. Caleefornya is broke & Russia has come to offer Russian technology opportunities to any Caleefornya investors that might still have a few dollars to invest. Rnull should have ask Dmitry if they had any OilSpew plugs. Rnull could have explained that as of Day65, BP & the Oil Industry had no idea of what they were doing to plug the OilSpew in the Gulf of Mexico. & if the Russians inventors had an OilSpew plug idea, the Caleefornya investors would support this.

  10. DZG says:

    smells like a new soundboard

  11. Jett430 says:

    The only thing California can export is illegal aliens

  12. nheitz says:

    That’s a strange video, it doesn’t explain very much.

  13. RadicalSyndicate says:

    just more of russia trying to be like capitalist america

  14. chingon711 says:

    lets give russia the rest of our jobs.

  15. bartownsu says:

    @africanmadman , @Xx7Zeithious7xX , @centralthought

    Why so?

  16. rsnboy08 says:

    I got a good feeling about this……

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