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My Gut Feeling for Today, March 21, 2013


Editors Note: this week My Gut Feeling will be unprotected for all to read. Next week this featured commentary will be password protected and accessible only by Wall Street All-Stars Platinum Subscribers. You can subscribe here.                          Welcome to March Madness which tips off today. The best stock pick for March Madness is always Buffalo […]

Let the Fed be Your Investment Partner

Why have so many TV “experts” been so wrong about the market? Many blame government. This demonstrates that they fail to include the government factor in their forecasts. The recessionistas asserted that economic decline was inevitable. Investors were assaulted with negative stories. This included multiple TV appearances by the ECRI and weekly columns from Hussman […]

QE3 Blunders and Opportunities

The analysis of current Fed policy has included the usual parade of mistaken pundits. There is a legitimate debate about QE3, but it has been obscured by those with an agenda based upon their politics or their business models. The result is an exceptional opportunity for the long-term investor. Mistakes Here are the four biggest […]

Profiting from the Business Cycle

Most individual investors have missed the stock market rally — so far.  Many hedgies are also lagging and finding excuses.  The stories about the “headwinds” date back to Dow 10K, when the question was whether we would go to 5000 or Dow 20K.  (I wrote two years ago, with a big skeptical reaction). Why is […]

Confused by the Market? You are not alone!

 Confusion reigns! As part of my work I speak with smart people from differing backgrounds: Individual investors — clients and potential clients; Business leaders — colleagues on corporate boards; Leading economists and journalists — both groups well-represented at the recent Kauffman Conference; Colleagues in the blogging world. There is an interesting pattern.  Most of them […]

The Fed Role in the Economy: Even Bigger. Even Better?

The Fed made history today, achieving a new level of policy-making transparency. In my early days in the business, the results of an FOMC meeting were never announced.  Everyone waited until the day after the Fed meeting to see what open-market operations were conducted by the NY Fed.  First you needed to know what was […]

Options Intelligence: Good Start to the New Year


It was an extremely positive start to the New Year for stocks. Not only did most of the benchmarks turn in impressive one day performance, but many also managed to break above resistance levels that had been holding them back. However, as of 6 AM we were not seeing any follow thorough. The S&P 500 […]

My Gut Feeling for Today, Dec 22, 2011


The Oracle effect was contained within the NASDAQ and will be a one day affair. Today we will be moving on. Early indications are that the US will open about ½% higher while European bourses tack on over 1%. However, we have the weekly unemployment claims data and 3rd quarter GDP estimates being released at […]

Options Intelligence — Positive Bounce Fixes Some Readings


Better-than-expected reports on new home sales combined with a positive business owners survey out of Germany provided the fuel to lift stock prices sharply higher on Tuesday, erasing the losses and some of the negative technical signals from Monday, however volume remained muted as investors and traders remain sidelined ahead of the upcoming holiday week. […]

My Gut Feeling for Today, Dec 21, 2011


Welcome to Winter! The Winter Solstice will officially arrive at 5:30 PM today. Yesterday Hanukkah Harry delivered a nice present to the markets as a combination of German business confidence and strong housing data in the USA helped to spark a deeply oversold rally. It looks like Hanukkah Harry saved Santa Claus once again. On […]

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