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The President of the Media – Election

Who will win your vote for President of the Media? Comment below! Works Consulted: Rupert Murdoch: Newscorp 2010, www.newscorp.com, accessed 10/09/2010 Brand Republic, News, www.brandrepublic.com/News/859966/Murdoch-cuts-jobs-UK-Australian-newspapers/ Bill Gates: Bill Gates: Chairman, Microsoft Corp 2010, accessed 10/09/2010, from www.microsoft.com The Official Site of Bill Gates, 2010, accessed 11/09/2010, from www.thegatesnotes.com Steve Jobs: Apple Press Info Bios, Steve Jobs, accessed 13/09/2010, from www.apple.com Boudreau, J., 2010, ‘Apple to Announce Subscription Plan for Newspapers’, Mercury News, accessed 15/09/2010, from www.mercurynews.com Sergey Brinn: Brin, Sergey, Motwani, Rajeev, Page, Lawrence, Winograd, Terry, “What can you do with the Web in your pocket?” accessed 28/8/2010 citeseerx.ist.psu.edu Corporate Information Page — Google — Sergey Brin accessed 5/8/10 www.google.com Interview with Sergey Brin accessed 20/8/10 www.youtube.com News about Sergey Brin, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times accessed 15/7/10 topics.nytimes.com Twitter account: Sergey Brinn accessed 4/8/10-19/9/10 twitter.com Joseph Schumpeter: Schumpeter, J., ‘Creative Destruction’, from Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy, accessed 15/09/2010, transcriptions.english.ucsb.edu Creative Destruction Definition 2010, Investopedia, accessed 15/09/2010, from www.investopedia.com Brass, D., ‘Microsofts Creative Destruction’, New York Times 2010
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  1. erin4acre says:

    Sergey Brin vote #1! Brin had a dream that wasn’t just about achieving wealth or fame.
    His mission was to create a database system that would be universally accessible and well organized to put the needs of the USER first.

    And that is what Google is all about!

  2. drrvv296 says:

    I would vote for Joseph Schumpeter. New technologies and ideas are constantly being trumped. In a single year we can see a portable media device, such as the iPod, go from being cutting edge to being obsolete.

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